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Belly Dancing

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Belly DancingBelly dancing is based on one of the oldest social dances in world history, originating in North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Belly dancing is both a beautiful form of dance and a great way to exercise. It'll help you stay in shape and allow you to express your personal creativity. Belly dancing is enjoyed by many people all over the world. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of belly dancing is the isolated movements performed by the abdomen. These belly movements may be circular, rolling, angular or vibrating.

Several different styles of belly dancing are popular in the United States today. There are two basic forms of belly dancing: "raqs baladi" and "raqs sharqi." Raqs baladi is social belly dancing performed for celebration by both males and females of all ages. These belly dances are usually performed during social gatherings such as weddings and parties. The second form of belly dancing, raqs sharqi, is a more theatrical version and is the most popular form of belly dancing performed in America today. It is also performed by both male and female dancers.

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Dance classes in delhi   Dance classes in delhi
Dance classes in delhi   Dance classes in delhi
Dance classes in delhi   Dance classes in delhi
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